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Monday, July 28, 2014

Ryan & Sami Jo | Gender Reveal from Nicole Traveller on Vimeo.

Today was one of those I'll remember forever. I started the day in Bear Lake with my sister and her kiddies. We rode jet skis and paddle boarded and it was a perfect way to make the day zoom by.

My Dad was in Logan running some errands and I called him before our appointment and asked him to come to the hospital and wait in the waiting room so he could be the first to know! He's the kind of guy that doesn't want to step on any toes so I had to kind of make him come, but it was so much fun having him there and I could tell he loved being there too.

I was like a 7 year old child on Christmas morning when we got to the hospital. My cheeks hurt from smiling and I was skipping around like a crazy person. When they FINALLY called our name to go back I practically ran to the ultra sound room.

Right when we got into the room I started to panic a bit. I've been really excited but also really worried. I really was hoping baby was healthy because that's what we all want for our kids when it comes down to it right?  When baby showed up on the screen I blurted out, "Does the baby look ok? Is he healthy? Is there anything wrong?" I was shaking pretty bad and squeezing Ryan's hand really hard but once I saw his cute little head, his long skinny legs and his perfectly beating heart I started to calm down and I went back to being excited and happy. I loved our ultra sound tech. She made me feel comfortable and not like a crazy person that I was. She laughed with us and really made the experience so great. I love you Kate! She kept saying that it was about time she had a stinker on her hands. She's had a lot of cooperative babies recently and he kind of broke the groove. I was so proud for some reason. You keep on breaking molds little buddy!  He was moving around like a mad man and it made me so happy that he's already a little punk.  I've just always pictured myself raising a house full of boys, and I've always pictured them to be super wild and crazy. Just happy chaos. Ok so it finally came time to do the gender scan. Our little guy was being so stubborn and that dang cord was right between his legs. She tried for 20 minutes and then she had me go walk around and use the bathroom. (I even did jumping jacks in the bathroom stall) We came back and tried again and it was the same story. She thought it was a boy but wasn't 100%. Luckily we were the last appointment of the day so she had me leave again and walk around. She said this had only happened to her once before. Ryan and I thought it was so fitting that our child was already being stubborn. I was so proud of our little man.  I was doing lunges and jumping jacks and talking to my belly telling baby to pull his crap together. 45 minutes later and the 3rd and final try he finally decided to be cooperative. Boy! For sure a boy! I knew it. I knew this sweet little babe was a boy from the start. I can't wait to have a mini Ryan guys. Long haired little sweetheart. My Dad took us out to Chuck a Rama and we chatted and ate and celebrated. It really was the best day.

Thanks so much Nicole (Traveller Films)  for shooting this video right after our doctors appointment! It really shows how stoked we are and I love you so much!


  1. Awe yay!!!!! Congrats girlie. Boys are the best and they love their momma's so. Melts my heart ��. That video is soooo stinkin cute. YOU are too stinkin cute!!!

  2. There are tears in my eyes. I love this video so so much. I love that he was so stubborn + that you told him to pull his crap together. :) YOU ARE THE BEST. A mini Ryan!!! AHHHH. Sam girl. I cannot wait. I really can't. I love that your dad was able to be there + I love that you went to chuckaram after. What is it with dad's + chuckarama? That made me laugh. Cry laughing is my favorite.

    Just so so happy for you! Congrats a million times over.

  3. SO SO SO excited for you Sami! :) Your glowing!