20 weeks!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

how far along: 20 weeks! halfway! yipee! 

how big is baby: 6.5 inches! 

weight gain: 4 pounds. 

sleep: now that our gender scan is over i've been sleeping so dang good. 

missing: nothing really.

craving: every thing sounds good.  except meat and french fries (which is crazy to me. #frenchfrylover)

feeling: good. thank goodness. this week was crazy busy with work. 4 weddings! i'm just feeling really tired today. i love sleepy sundays. 

gender: boy. i just knew it! oh i'm so happy!

best moment of the week: seeing our boy move around like a mad man cutie at our ultra sound! 

looking forward to: fair week with my family this week! 

random thoughts:

-i'm still able to go for a good run every morning and i'm so grateful for that. running keeps me (and Bernie) sane. 

-i'm so grateful my job and that it keeps me busy. 

-i need to start doing my bump pictures right after church rather than right after my nap. i'm always looking tired and greasy! haha

-i'm really tired today and i feel like a zombie so it's pretty fitting that we are just about ready to start world war z.  happy sunday! 


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  2. You are seriously glowing! I have loved following your updates!