17 weeks!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

how far along: 17 weeks!  

how big is baby: as big as a turnip (this reminds me of this random guy on parks and rec whose cats name is turnip) 

weight gain: 2 pounds. yay growing baby! 

sleep: normal. weird. all over the place. (this was my life before pregnancy too though) 

missing: nothing really this week. this is fun!  

craving: potato chips every dang day. 

feeling: after being in the sun for 3 days straight last weekend i had a massive headache all week.  can i just say i'm so grateful for ryan? he takes such good care of me when i'm not feeling well. always. not just since i've been pregnant. i went to star valley on friday and had a photo shoot in the cold rain and my headache finally went away and i felt a million times better. yay! wyoming (and being with my mama) heals alllllllllll! i've been more tired and hungry this week which makes me really happy because i feel like baby is hitting a growth spurt. how cute! 

gender: we find out in 2 weeks. holy crap!  (i'm still thinking boy!)

best moment of the week: feeling so much support from people for my business. i'm seriously so grateful. 

looking forward to: ryan waking up from his nap. haha! 

random thoughts: 

-this week was a rough one. not pregnancy related. just life is confusing and hurtful sometimes and i'm just at a loss with how to handle some things. 

-i got home late last night from work and i was feeling pretty low (not from work, my wedding was wonderful) but i walked in the house and ryan had cleaned and done some chores i've been meaning to get to and just haven't had time to do, and there was also a little present and note from a neighbor waiting for me.  i just started crying and saying, "people are so nice. that is so nice of shayna. that is so nice of you. you are so nice to me. thanks so much for being nice. people are so nice!" ryan hugged me and laughed while i cried for a bit. (by the way.. i've always been like this, it's not just pregnancy hormones hahah) 

-i love my parents. they are super heroes. 

-i love the young women at my church. so much! best calling ever. 

-we were able to have my nephew kase stay with us for a couple days this week and he's so wonderful, smart, funny, and sweet. gosh i love him! 

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  1. I love this. Your so you Sami!
    I can't wait to experience the excruciating pain of labor either! Bring it on!
    Love you <3