21 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, October 9, 2016

this will be a lazy and short update because i'm tired! and it's late! haha. we had a good weekend. man we needed that. sunshine and family in town. and baby girl kicking and letting me know she's here and ready to party in a few months. xo!

weight gain: 3 pounds 

sleep: super light and anxious sleeper. the usual. kase and hallie woke me up before 6 giggling while riv slept until 7. little stinkers hahah. i love them. :) 

missing: i officially can't eat as much as i want anymore. i was so full after tandoori the other and it was so painful! never again! 

craving: german pancakes. and peanut butter. 

feeling: good and beautiful. it was around this time with river that everything started to get bigger. all my curves fill out even more and i love it! 

gender: girl and we call her by name all the time! it makes me so happy.  

best moment of the week:  family in town! watching river play with his cousins in this beautiful fall weather made me so happy. it's so fun having a house that fits everyone! 

looking forward to: ryan being able to feel baby!