9 months

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

-you have grown so much these past 3 months! you are crawling, and standing, and walking along the couch.

-we finally decided to sleep train you (well we were kind of forced into one night when you wouldn't stop crying and didn't want to be held) you are sleeping SO MUCH better now. i feel kind of like a human again. 

-you are so much fun. you talk and jabber and play with your tongue. for your 9 month appointment right when the doc walked in you kept trying to talk over us and get his attention. you were moving around and crawling all over him. he said, "i haven't had a kid this happy and loud in a while." 

-you're tall and skinny. i was looking at ryan yesterday and how much he towers over me. i can't even believe you'll be bigger than me one day. 

-you give smiles to everyone. you love going to church and singing the hymns with everyone. you like looking behind to see who you can smile at during church too. 

-when i drop you off at your nanny ashley's house you don't even look back when i leave. you love it there. it makes working easier. 

-you still let anyone hold you and don't really prefer me over your dad or visa versa. you're a pretty chill dude. 

-you'll finally sit still while i read books to you, (as long as i read fast) 

-you're favorite book is the owl one. 

-this is my favorite stage so far. i called ryan on my way home from work the other day and i asked what you guys had been up to. he said, "i've literally been wrestling with the river the whole time. he keeps coming and climbing on me." i could tell how happy he was in his voice. 

-i can't believe that your 9 months old and that it's been 9 months since Tony. it hurts. i miss him so much and cry everyday. 

-people still say you look like kase the most. 

-you still won't really snuggle with me. you'll give me a quick hug after your nap and i always squeeze you so tight! 

-we love you riv! you are so great!