2 years old!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Photos by Pierson Photo Company

Our sweet boy turns 2 on Thursday!  He loves planes, motorcycles, finding bugs around the house and squashing them with his fingers and then flushing them down the toilet. He LOVES Mickey Mouse, singing,  and exploring. He is cautious and thoughtful. When he plays with his toys he sits and really focuses. He loves fake falling and waits for me to ask all dramatic, "Are you alright?" And he says, "yesssssss! alright!" He's obsessed with wrestling and I'm the most awkward person when it comes to rough housing so I make him wait until Daddy gets home for that. He asks for kisses and snuggles in the morning. After I dyed my hair pink he looked up and said to me, "Mommy cuuute!" Favorite food is anything with sugar. Which I hate. It totally stresses me out.  I blame Nana for the sugar love. ;) When he gets really excited and happy he grits his teeth and gives us the biggest crooked smile. Some cute phrases he says right now, "Where are you?" "Uh oh.. fall down!" "I wuv you." "Bernie! COME! Lay DOWN!" "Watch a show one?" 'More fruit snacks?" He makes up so happy. And so tired. Has a hard time with sleep. And when he does sleep through the night he is up ready to go at 6am. He has had to deal with a lot in his life with mourning parents who are trying to work through such a difficult phase of life while trying out hardest to be the parents he deserves. :) We are so grateful he is in our lives and we feel so lucky to be his. 

30 weeks with baby girl

We made it. 30 weeks! 30 weeks! Getting in the 30s is such a big sign of relief for me. It's also my absolute favorite part of pregnancy. Ryan and I were talking about some crappy and scary things we have coming up this month. One of them being the sentencing on Wednesday. I was crying. And feeling really sad. And then our Sweet G starting moving around and we both sat there quiet and felt her roll around and I looked up and Ryan and said in true cheesy Sami fashion, "This moment right here. This is what makes life so good." I'm so grateful to be able to experience pregnancy again. There are many parts of motherhood that have been a huge struggle so I'm grateful for comfortable, and healthy pregnancies. I always dreamed of having all boys. But the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew it was a girl. I'm so excited to get to know her. Her name we picked is full of light. And I can feel her sweetness already. 

baby size: 3 pounds! 

weight gain: 10-12ish. Depends on the day. 

sleep: pretty good considering. I'm so tired at the end of the day and just zonk out! 

missing: my works outs. always. hahah. she is so much lower than Riv. It's a lot more difficult for me to be sweaty active! 

craving: beverages. always and forever. 

feeling: so good, and beautiful. and just really soaking up the last bit of this pregnancy. i'm so glad i still have 2 months left. 

gender: girl. i love her name. but it's becoming more popular and i shouldn't care.. haha. but i do! i'm still on the hunt for others just in case.  

best moment of the week:  having family over yesterday for river's birthday. his face when we all sang to him was magic. 

looking forward to: seeing ryan tonight when he's done with work.