happy st patty's day! i mean happy half birthday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

you: are our sunshine. smile all the time. laugh all the time. smile and laugh most at bernie. love the outdoors. love rolling from you back to your belly. love solids. you grab at everything! especially my tony necklace. smile at grandmas painting of jesus. you still hate napping. had your first camping experience. you love being around people. you love going to your nanny's house twice a week. you're still working on being able to sit up. all you wanna do is stand it seems! you love swimming! yay!

me: your laugh is my favorite sound. gets me every time! find it's best for us to keep busy all day everyday so we go on a lot of adventures together. dread nap time. i'm still figuring out how to grieve about uncle tony while trying to live + work + be a mom to you.  it's really difficult to be happy when you're sad. but man you're smile makes it easier! surrounding myself with compassionate and loving people who "get it" and still cry with me about tony. best thing i've done for myself this year.  (shout out to marie!) still loving my job & that it lets me be home with you 90% of the time! feeling i've aged 10 years since tony's died. trying to soak up the quiet, simple, and "boring" moments that comes with being a mother of 1. loving you more everyday and i mean that!