16 weeks!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

how far along: 16 weeks! 4 months! woo. 

how big is baby: as big as an avocado. i love that baby is getting bigger! 

weight gain: 1 pound!  

sleep: i didn't sleep this week when we were camping because my paranoia has sky rocketed and i thought we were going to be eaten by hungry bears. haha!

missing: sleeping on my belly. it's starting to hurt just a bit! 

craving: watermelon and mexican food. but honestly, i've always loved food and i've always loved mexican food and watermelon so i don't really think pregnancy has anything to do with this. haha!

feeling: pretty good. i've been having some bad body images thoughts which is so lame. i'm so proud of my body for being healthy and growing a human so i hate that i'm hard on it sometimes. being frustrated with how i look is such a waste of energy. this week i'll be better! i know it! 

gender: we find out in 3 weeks! but really i'm not in a huge hurry. i don't want to wish this pregnancy away!

best moment of the week: singing the star spangled banner as a ward in church today. i'm just so proud to be an american!  

looking forward to: tonight. ryan is making hashbrowns and bacon! yessss.

random thoughts: i love my dog. i ugly cried when we dropped him off at the dog boarding place on friday. it was only for one day, but he whined so loud when we left!  (i know i know it'll be worse and harder when i leave my kids one day blah blah) ;) 

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