19 weeks!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

how far along: 19 weeks! neighbor kids saw us taking pictures and ran over to ask if they could play with bernie. i love where we live. 

how big is baby: 6 inches and as big as a mango! my favorite fruit!

weight gain: 3 pounds. 

sleep: k i figured out the main reason i haven't been able to sleep. i'm so anxious for our gender scan tomorrow! ahhh! 

missing: nothing really.

craving: chocolate milk. wait i'm craving everything. i'm always hungry. 

feeling: good this week! yay! 

gender: we find out tomorrow. TOMORROW! still thinking boy and ryan still thinks i'm a nut for being soo sure. ;) 

best moment of the week: i'm like 99% sure i felt baby this week. 

looking forward to: tomorrow. 4:30pm! 

random thoughts:

-we got a warning from HOA because someone (who just moved in) reported Bernie being off leash because she was frightened for her children. i mean i get where she's coming from because there's lots of means dogs out there but really? bernie? he's the sweetest teddy bear goof there is. your children are wusses. ;) 

-my boobs. holy cow they just keep getting bigger. i really don't mind at all though! haha! i've always loved my curves. 

-for some reason i'm really excited to be 20 weeks pregnant on friday. i just feel like it's a huge milestone! half way! 

-my belly still isn't really at the oh-you-are-definitely-pregnant-and-just-not-bloated-stage, but i'm ok with it. i know i'll have plenty of time to feel big and pregnant. haha! 

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  1. I am so excited for you!!! You are just the most darling pregnant gal <3 Can't wait to hear what the gender is! Good luck!