1 year

Thursday, December 17, 2015

you've been here one whole year and you make this world so much better riv boy. 
your smile and light shines so bright! i just can't really put into words how grateful i am for you. i get to be your mom forever. you are my favorite part of life. 

-i love the way you jabber and talk all day long. 

-you point at everything and wave goodbye to daddy every morning.

-you flirt with all the girls. 

-i love the way you study and observe and take your time with your milestones. 

-you are so content and happy doing most anything. 

-you still struggle with sleeping and when you are screaming at 3am i feel like i can't have any more kids and then you smile at me and i want 5 more!

-you love going to church. you love the hymns + the people the most. 

-the older you get the more you look like papa. 

-you love animals

-you can say dog, mom, dad, and ball. your four favorite things!

-you seriously eat as much as i do i swear. you are a pro at solids you eat ANYTHING i can give you and always covet whatever i'm eating. bananas are your favorite. 

-you love mickey mouse clubhouse. and i do too because it SAVES us on road trips.

-you love little babies and we found that out visiting your cousin Norah and you wouldn't leave her alone! it was the sweetest thing. 

-you aren't interested in walking yet. you stand up every now by yourself every now and then and realize what you are doing and quickly sit down. 

-your favorite indoor activity right now is crawling up and down the stairs. 

-your 2nd favorite is crawling all over me, your dad, and bernie. 

-bernie continues to be the most patient dog in history. i will love that dog forever because of how sweet he is with you!

-you love books. but prefer playing with a ball over anything. 

-you hate your carseat. 

-you make us smile and laugh everyday. you've done that since day 1. even on our darkest tony days. 

-i hope you always feel close to your uncle tony. i'm so glad you were able to meet him. but i still cry and get angry that he's not here to watch you grow. 

-you are our light and we love you so much bud. i love being your mom.

-you have 2 little teeth!

-everyone loves you !!