27 weeks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

how far along: 27 weeks (and a few days! I'm late with this post) 

how big is baby: 10+ inches long and 2.2 pounds!  

weight gain: still at 8 pounds. 

sleep: last week was pretty bad! insomnia + back pain. 

craving: artichokes. i wanted an artichoke so bad all week! we had a plan to go to cheesecake factory for our sisters trip and i was so excited to order the roasted artichoke. i couldn't stop talking about it. when we sat down and ordered we found out they were out of artichokes. it almost made me cry! 

feeling: last week i was in some pretty intense pain. wowza. i had a day last week where i really thought.. "oh my gosh how am I going to do this for 3 more months!" it's really good to have days like that throughout pregnancy i think. (some have it every day! gosh my poor sisters!) pregnancy totally prepares us for motherhood. there are good days and bad days but it is SO worth it! this has been such a great experience for me. 

gender: little angel baby boy. gosh i love him. 

best moment of the week: sisters trip! i went to slc with my sisters and my mama (we missed you megan) and it was the best weekend. 

looking forward to: general conference! 

random thoughts:

-i peed my pants for the first time this pregnancy. not just a little trickle. like i was laughing so hard with my sister and literally peed my pants. my mom has to give me a pair of her jammies to wear! hahah! 

-holy crap work is busy right now. i love my clients! my maternity leave doesn't start until i'm 38 weeks pregnant and then i'm taking 2.5 months off.  that'll be so crazy for this work-a-holic haha! 

-i booked a wedding in hawaii next year and we are going to make a trip out of it. i can't wait to show my little babe the world! 


26 weeks!

Friday, September 12, 2014

how far along: 26 weeks! 

how big is baby: 9+ inches long and 2 pounds! I can't tell you how nice it is to have him be measured in POUNDS now!  

weight gain: 8 pounds! I'm gaining 1 pound a week pretty consistently now. Haha! Kinda crazy!

sleep: it's been rough you guys. like i said last week, it's not because i'm physically uncomfortable. it's just my stupid thoughts. i can't turn them off. (more about that in my random thought section) 

missing: my underwear fitting i guess!? most of my clothes i can still squeeze into but the waist band on my underwear is getting SO TIGHT! haha.  i've just been putting off buying new maternity undies because what the crap? so much material! i'm hoping i can just stretch the underwear i have now out so it's more comfortable. haha!

craving: i've had quite the appetite this week. the only thing that doesn't sound good to me is processed food. 

feeling: physically i feel pretty wonderful. i'm trying to not eat as much at night and that's helped with the heartburn. emotionally... i've been kind of been a mess.

gender: boy and i just feel like he's so much like his dad already for some reason. #wishfulthinking

best moment of the week: lunch with nakaiya. it was much needed. 

looking forward to: i'm having a girls weekend with my sisters and mom next weekend and i'm so excited to spend some time with my favorite girls in the world!  

random thoughts:

-i'm starting to catch people staring at the belly which is exciting because that means i look pregnant but also weird because who likes to be stared at? haha  

-so unless you are a creepy man feel free to touch my stomach when you see me! i pretty much have no bubble and i love showing off my belly! (i'm that girl that touches strangers pregnant bellies without asking... oops!) 

-i'm writing about this so i can reference back to it if i get pregnant again but i feel like my belly growth has been really gradual up until weeks 24 to 26 and that's when it totally "popped" 

-sleepy time is rough for me right now. all my worries and pains of life just stare me in the face like a big huge jerk.  this has been a problem for a few years but after we got Bernie it helped SO MUCH but since i've been pregnant my anxiety and paranoia have slowly crept back. 

-so i've been told my whole life how i'm too sensitive and too over-protective and blah blah blah. it really bothers me when people say that. (well because i'm sensitive and get my feelings hurts easily haha) i'm really not looking forward to hearing that my whole parenting life. i shouldn't let people get to me but sadly it does. i wish i was laid back. so badly. but i'm just not! it's hard worrying constantly about the people i love and have it completely wreck me when they are hurting but really, being sensitive and caring is like 90% of who i am! and most of the time it's wonderful that i'm like that! i just need to learn how to control it. i'm 27 and feel like i should have life figured out a little more by now. i guess it'll just be a life long process. 

-having my pink hair again makes me so happy.

-bernie is slowly growing out of his mischievous puppy ways and he's just the biggest sweetie pie. i'm really so lucky to have him. i know the deep love i have for my dog makes a lot of you uncomfortable (especially some of my siblings hahah) but i don't care. 

-i love being pregnant and i'm so glad it's such a long process. i have so much to do before baby comes! 

have a good weekend!


25 weeks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

how far along: 25 weeks! 

how big is baby: 9 inches long and 1.7 pounds! getting bigger! my belly grew a ton this week. 

weight gain: 7 pounds. 

sleep: sleep was pretty bad this week! but then you wonderful people suggested unisom and i tried it last night and slept for 9 hours! (thanks ally and cass)

missing: nothing really. i kind of hate this question. 

craving: indian food. tandoori oven i love you. 

feeling: i've started to have a lot of round ligament pain. (especially after hiking mt naomi on monday, and then back to back weddings tues/wed) i've been taking it easy these past couple days and i'm feeling a lot better. i just have a hard time slowing down but i know i need to sometimes!  

gender: boy. i fall more and more in love with each week. those little kicks! i can't get over it. 

best moment of the week: ryan being the sweetest husband in history. i came home from my weddings late wednesday night and he had deep cleaned the entire house and then massaged me until i fell asleep. he's so wonderful. 

looking forward to: soaking up the sunshine in vegas this weekend!  

random thoughts:

-i had a couple strangers ask me how far along i was this week! yay for finally looking PREGNANT! 

-i'm so grateful for a husband that thinks pregnancy is beautiful.

-i hope baby boy is exactly like his dad. the world could use another ryan don't ya think?

-i only have 4 more weddings to shoot until i'm on maternity leave! holy crap. 

-i'm starting to get a little more nervous for this whole labor thing i'm doing in a few months... it's starting to feel more real! 

-look how cute this picture is of ryan and his older brother jason! oh my gosh! 

have a great weekend!