my babes.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Golden Jay. One month old. She loves her sleep and hates being woke up. Is happy as long as she is being held and snuggled. Hates being put down! Loves to watch Bernie and her older brother. Has starting giving me really big smiles about once a day. They are GOLD! ;) Grunts and grunts and grunts. Hates her carseat. Loves to nurse. Has such a calming spirit about her. Looks like her dad with River's (her mom's) mouth. She is so very loved! 

 River is talking like crazy and says the cutest things. This morning Ryan gave me a long kiss goodbye and he said to Ryan as he was walking away, "Kiss mommy again please daddy..." His favorite food is Nutella. Thinks Goldie is "Sooo toot" but doesn't ever want to hold her. He's cautious and a rule follower which makes life a lot easier for me. He's a total extrovert and loves playing with "friends". Bosses Bernie around. His favorite color is pink. Always has 2 dinosaurs  in his hands. Asks for her dinosaurs as soon as he wakes up. His favorite show is Land Before Time. Loves our daily walks and could play with rocks for hours. He's a mama's boy for sure but loves wrestling with daddy. I'm the luckiest mom in the world. 

38 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Almost there!!! 

And I'm feeling it! Feeling it all. 

I like being pregnant so much.. and the newborn stage is such a challenge for me... Which means that most of my pregnancy I've just felt content with being pregnant forever. I remember feeling like that with River too and then the last couple weeks hit and the pain and the uncomfortable stuff comes in full force and it kind of forces you in the mind set of wanting them here... now! haha. That's where we are. I have been in a lot of pain... and really I can tell it's my body telling me to slow the crap down. But I hate resting. So much. hahah. Bernie has been especially protective and will not leave my side. It's adorable. He knows She will be here next week! How wild is that?! It's really hard for me to process anything until it's right in front of me.. staring me in the face. haha! So I won't believe she's real until she's in my arms. It's funny River hasn't shown interest in babies much.  He thinks they are cute and then moves on. But yesterday we were out to eat and he was just fixated on this baby boy! Wouldn't stop staring and saying, "Oh cute!" And asked if he could go say hi. He walked over the table and just waved and smiled. It was adorable. I think he won't hate her after all. Hahahah. I am soaking up every minute with it just being me and my boy. He is just the sweetest these days and I know I'm going to bawl my eyes out (in the car hopefully so he doesn't see) when we leave for the hospital. It's a beautiful and sad change to have him become the big brother. But I'm really excited to see their bond form. I'm really excited to see Ryan with her. She is so lucky to have a father like him. Only one more update after this and then she'll be here! 


37 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, January 29, 2017

baby size: around 6 pounds! she feels a lot smaller than Riv did at this time.  

weight gain: 15 pounds  

sleep: so so bad. haha. i was so anxious about Photo Native and slept pretty horrible at the hotel too! 

missing: wearing jeans! and working out. 

craving: smoothies! grapefruit, oranges...blueberries! 

feeling: really good. just reallly really really tired. ha. 

gender: little sweet girl. 

best moment of the week: having the oppurtonity to speak at photo native and just soak in all the inspiration from everyone there. it was so great to speak about something i'm so passionate about.. i was able to stand on the stage with this baby girl in my belly.. and i was able to talk about how much tony influences my work.. i feel so grateful! 

looking forward to: brunch with my friends tomorrow! 

36 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, January 22, 2017

 baby size: around 6 pounds! ahh! 

weight gain: 15 pounds  

sleep: a little bit better than it has been the past couple weeks! still waking up 3-4 times. 

missing: wearing jeans! and working out. 

craving: ice water, smoothies! smoothies! sushi, orange juice. fruit. same old!  

feeling: really great. like a goddess! i really love being pregnant.  i'm uncomfortable, and get cramps down my legs like crazy. but my back is so much better that i really can't complain! 

gender: little sweet girl. 

best moment of the week: being with Ryan all weekend while his parents watched Riv. It was so great! 

looking forward to: photo native this week! my last week of work before maternity leave! so crazy! 

35 weeks with baby girl

Saturday, January 14, 2017

We are getting so close! I still have lots to do and lots of soaking up all the one on one time with my boy i can get! So 5 weeks feels just about right. :) 

baby size: 5.5 pounds! ahhhh! 

weight gain: 15 pounds  

sleep: so bad still! haha! but yay for River sleeping well!!!  I'm up at 12...1, and 2... and then most nights I'm wide awake from 3-5. And I'm pretty sure I drink about a gallon of water every night... I wake up dying of thirst hahah! It's the weirdest. 

missing: working out and being able to move and play with river like i want to! i had to watch the boys sled today which is so hard! but i'll be back at it in no time... :)

craving: ice water, smoothies! smoothies! sushi, orange juice. always. 

feeling: my back is SO MUCH BETTER! thanks to my amazing chiro and lots of stretching and massages and listening to all my girls advice on how to deal with this sciatic pain. i'm still slow moving and in a good amount of pain but it's a lot better. my legs will give out randomly and i'll screech in pain from time to time... it used to scare ryan and riv but we are all just kind of getting used to it! haha. 

gender: girl.... i still can't wrap my head around it. haha. 

best moment of the week: seeing her big cheeks at our ultrasound. i'm measuring small (i measured small around this time with Riv too) so we were able to see her! she looks like ryan to me! yay! she's growing nice and good. she is breech right now so we are hoping that changes sooner than later. :) 

looking forward to: seeing my parents tomorrow. 

34 weeks with baby girl!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

baby size: around 5 pounds! waaaa!  

weight gain: 15 pounds! 

sleep: it's pretty bad! super restless and uncomfortable with this back pain! poor ryan.. i'm sure i'm horrible to share a bed with. 

missing: being able to move well! (sounds dramatic i know hahah) i'm still walking a ton because i go crazy if i'm not active. it makes my back a little worse but it's worth it. 

craving: ice water, smoothies! smoothies! sushi, orange juice. the usual! 

feeling: i can't believe how similar this pregnancy is from my last! with riv this was when my back went out and i started to be in so much pain. i just suffered through it last time but this time i'm trying everything to help! it's good though because i've been terrified (but grateful) to have this little girl and now i'm definitely more ready. 

gender: girl. i love her. i can't wait to see ryan with her. 

best moment of the week: some good family news yesterday. i haven't stopped crying and feeling so grateful. 

looking forward to: this weekend! last free weekend for a while!