27th birthday!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hi! My birthday was yesterday and it was grand! I love my birthday. I love having a day where I get to do whatever I want! Haha! 
This year was especially great because Ryan had been gone to Brazil for 10 days and the day he got back I had a wedding and then girls camp. (which was so fun by the way) but we were both looking forward to my birthday weekend for a free weekend to be together! 
We decided to hike up Mount Naomi Saturday morning. Oh my gosh that area is like a dream land.
I bet my heaven will look like that.  We couldn't get to the top because of all the snow. I kind of loved feeling snow on my feet in June. Bernie had the time of his life playing in it. There will be lots of snow in his heaven. It's his favorite. 

I told Ryan another thing I wanted to do on my birthday was swim.  Swim swim swim. I love water so much. Which is kind of weird since I'm kind of the worst swimmer ever. But guess what guys!? I started swimming lessons last week and I've already learned so much. I can even swim without plugging my nose. It's a freakin miracle. But anyways.. we met up with a few friends at the Aquatic Center and I got to have a joint pool party with my friend's sweet little daughter Anna. Kenz even put my name on the cake and made me feel so loved! We swam for 3 hours straight (with a cake break of course) and I went down that amazing slide a few times. I seriously love that place. 

So we ended my birthday with me and Ryan and Tandoori Oven of course. But we had to leave pretty quick because I was literally falling asleep at the table. I fell asleep around 9:15 and it was amazing.
27 feels good! 

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