14 weeks!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

how far along: 14 weeks!

how big is baby: as big as a lemon!

weight gain: none yet. 

sleep: i haven't been sleeping good at all, but i think it's because i have a hard time sleeping without my ryan. nothing to do with pregnancy really. 

missing: being able to run on 6 hours of sleep or less just fine. it totally kills me now! 

craving: hash browns and sausage! 

feeling: good. just missing ryan blah blah blah. 

gender: boy! boy! (we won't know until July 28th though) i'm just so sure! ;) 

best moment of the week: being with my family in wyoming. bike riding with kase last night. 

looking forward to: ryan getting home. TUESDAY!

random thoughts: a couple weeks ago right after i announced we were pregnant (when i was showing even less than i am now) this gal said to me, "oh my gosh how have you been able to hide that big bump for so long?" it was confusing to me. just you wait lady! you have no idea what big is. ;) hahah! 


  1. Ron Swanson would be very happy to see your cravings are rightly so.

  2. I loved hash browns right around that same point! How funny!