13 weeks yo.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

i've decided to start a blog so i could document life a little easier. why is it so hard for me to write in a journal?? anyways.. i still can't believe i'm pregnant. i'm just still so excited and so grateful for all of the wonderful support we have received. ok so here we go! first post! 

13 weeks!! 

how big is baby: as big as a peach! how cute is that!? 

weight gain: 0 pounds so far. that'll change soon ;)

sleep: I have the weirdest most darkest creepiest dreams of all time. other than that sleep is normal! i'm still a night owl and an early bird. 

missing: my nightly boiling hot baths. 

craving: fruit and handi-snacks breadsticks and cheese. haha! 

feeling: so wonderful. i have way more energy now and i'm just so happy about being pregnant. 

gender: i'm like 99% sure it's a boy. ry thinks i'm a nut. 

best moment of the week: hearing the heartbeat yesterday at my appt.  

looking forward to: ryan getting home from the world cup, girls camp, and my birthday next week! i love my birthday. 


  1. You are the cutest! So happy for you and that new little bump! :)

  2. yesss this is the best thing ever cute girl. congrats to you, you are going to be the cutest mama in the world.

  3. Those pregnancy nightmares are no joke!! Surprised my brain could even come up with something so dark and twisted!

  4. So excited to follow on your journey! I've followed you for a while on instagram so it's fun to read about!