29 weeks!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

how far along: 29 weeks! yay!!!!!! 

how big is baby: 17+ inches long and about 3 pounds!  

weight gain: 10 pounds! holy crap. double digits folks! 

sleep: off and on. i'm starting to just accept the insomnia. 

craving: sweets this week! which is rare for me. 

feeling: physically really wonderful which is such a blessing. i'm just a little stressed out trying to balance work + my calling + trying not to be a crappy person/wife/friend/sister/daughter etc. i'm just going to flat out say it's been a rough couple weeks. 

gender: hi baby boy i think you have lots of dark hair for some reason. 

best moment of the week: talking to my dad on the phone today + having my neighbor Natalie bring dinner over tonight for no reason other than she's just really nice. 

looking forward to: jim gaffigan saturday night! ahhhhh!! can't wait to laugh my head off. 

random thoughts:

-i was up tony grove lake for an engagement shoot last night and it was snowing so beautifully and it really made me so happy. (yes i'm one of the crazies that loves winter) i'm so happy to have our baby born when there's snow on the ground. i can just picture myself holding him in a couple months and looking out the window to see the snow falling. magic. 

-i'm so freakin blessed to live in logan. i love this place. 

-the cashier at the gas station yesterday said to me, "well you look like you ate too much Chinese food!" i wanted to say something back but all i could think of was, "well your face looks like Chinese food....... or something!" so i just glared at him. grrr. haha! ok people. do not say that kind of thing to pregnant women!!! (or anyone)

-and can we talk about the 10 day forecast? perfect fall weather!

-we are going to the corn maze for the combined mutual on tuesday and i'm probably more excited than i should be. i just love this time of year!!! and guys guess what? ryan is young men's president now and i'm so excited we both get to work with the youth in our ward. best callings ever. 

-i've had the best clients this fall for all my family sessions. seriously all of the kids have been angel sweeties which makes my job so easy! (and not as terrified to have a child! haha)

-ryan is the best. 

-i haven't been able to go to star valley since the beginning of august and i'm slowing dying inside! haha. i'm missing my random day trips to see the fam! i'm planning a day trip at the end of the month

-best part of pregnancy for me=feeling him move around. THE BEST. 

-i'm so glad we bought our townhouse instead of a house this year! it's the perfect size for us + baby boy and i just love it. 



  1. You are perfectly flawless, Sami. Seriously I want to be you. Can't wait to see your baby!

  2. Maybe the cashier meant that you look small for being pregnant like, "You don't look pregnant, you just look like you had a big lunch." I don't know. People say the DUMBEST things to pregnant women. When I was pregnant someone more or less told me that my face looked distorted and my baby stole my beauty away, so don't sweat it. ;)

    Also, don't worry too much about being a crappy wife/friend/etc. You are growing a human and that's all you need to worry about. (It's kind of hard work.) Plus you are naturally sweet and considerate person so I highly doubt you're being crappy to anyone, even at your worst.