27 weeks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

how far along: 27 weeks (and a few days! I'm late with this post) 

how big is baby: 10+ inches long and 2.2 pounds!  

weight gain: still at 8 pounds. 

sleep: last week was pretty bad! insomnia + back pain. 

craving: artichokes. i wanted an artichoke so bad all week! we had a plan to go to cheesecake factory for our sisters trip and i was so excited to order the roasted artichoke. i couldn't stop talking about it. when we sat down and ordered we found out they were out of artichokes. it almost made me cry! 

feeling: last week i was in some pretty intense pain. wowza. i had a day last week where i really thought.. "oh my gosh how am I going to do this for 3 more months!" it's really good to have days like that throughout pregnancy i think. (some have it every day! gosh my poor sisters!) pregnancy totally prepares us for motherhood. there are good days and bad days but it is SO worth it! this has been such a great experience for me. 

gender: little angel baby boy. gosh i love him. 

best moment of the week: sisters trip! i went to slc with my sisters and my mama (we missed you megan) and it was the best weekend. 

looking forward to: general conference! 

random thoughts:

-i peed my pants for the first time this pregnancy. not just a little trickle. like i was laughing so hard with my sister and literally peed my pants. my mom has to give me a pair of her jammies to wear! hahah! 

-holy crap work is busy right now. i love my clients! my maternity leave doesn't start until i'm 38 weeks pregnant and then i'm taking 2.5 months off.  that'll be so crazy for this work-a-holic haha! 

-i booked a wedding in hawaii next year and we are going to make a trip out of it. i can't wait to show my little babe the world! 


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