33 weeks!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

how far along: 33 weeks! 

how big is baby: 20 inches long and over 4 pounds! 

weight gain: 12 pounds. 

sleep: week 30 to 32, not so good. This week it's been wonderful. 

craving: orange juice. orange juice. orange juice. and ice water. i wake up twice a night and guzzle orange juice. haha! i found out this week my sister stormi had the same orange juice craving when she was pregnant with kase! because our pregnancies have been so different we hugged and were so excited we had at least 1 pregnancy symptom that was the same! haha! 

feeling: weeks 31 + 32 were some of my hardest. my back. oh my back. walking was hard work there for a short bit. i was hobbling and limping around everywhere i went. but i still managed to make it work with shooting weddings + san fran! ryan was a sweetie helping me with everything. it's feeling much better this week. it totally just depends on where he is chillin in my belly. he's at a good place right now. thanks bud! 

gender: he's the cutest little roller. he's never been much of a jabber or a kicker. i love him! 

best moment of the week: our ultra sound! he is so cute! more about that below but he has hair!

missing: a good hard work out! my running days are over for a while. but my goal was to make it to 30 weeks and i did it! 

looking forward to: the birth of my sweet babe. it's going to be such a wonderful experience!

random thoughts:

-i felt like a zoo animal in san fran. holy crap did my belly get stared at. haha!  im counting week 31 as the time that i looked pregnant enough for people to comment. the crazy homeless people were so funny about my belly. the best was this dude pointed at my belly and said to ryan, "did you do that?" and then laughed his head off as we walked down the street. this crazy lady pointed to my belly and just said, "BABY." and then walked away. a lot of other people on the streets just said congrats! we loved the people of san fran. everyone (even the crazy people) were so nice. 

-i spent the day in star valley on monday and it was magical. much needed. i love my family. 

-i went in for my appointment on tuesday and my belly was measuring about 3 weeks behind.  the doctor ordered an ultra sound to make sure everything was ok. well it turns out he is measuring over a week ahead! he's a big boy and we are so grateful. he was curled up in a little ball  during the scan with his head down by my cervix and he's facing my back! (i know this could change, don't rain on my parade) but it was still nice to see that he was down there ready for the big day! he had his hands on his face the entire time and it just melted me! and we saw his hair! he has hair! 

-it's so interesting but right when i got pregnant so many people (men & women) told me all of these things i was going to feel and go through during my pregnancy.  my experience has been so different than what everyone told me it would be. the hard parts and the good parts. i will NEVER understand why people try to scare new moms. just keep it positive people! 

-i can't believe i only have 7 weeks (or less) of pregnancy. i'm SO grateful i've been able to experience this. the good and the bad. (and by the way we've had some rough patches, i just don't really share them with anyone but my parents and ryan haha) i'm just savoring these last few weeks before he comes. i love being pregnant. 

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