23 weeks!

Friday, August 22, 2014

how far along: 23 weeks! 

how big is baby: 8 inches and 1.2 pounds! yay for not being ounces anymore! 

weight gain: still at 5 pounds. 

sleep: my dreams are so wacky. i keep having nightmares of elephants in captivity. haha. 

missing: being able to eat whatever I want! haha. this is something i'll miss the whole pregnancy. 

craving: fruit! peaches. 

feeling: pretty dang good and i'm grateful every day for that! i have noticed working out is getting a little bit harder. i really have to push through on my runs! my goal is to run until i'm 30 weeks at least. i've started to feel a lot of back pain and sciatic nerve pain as well.

gender: boy! i wish i could call him by his name that i love! if only ryan would love the one i have picked out for him. haha. i still have a few months to talk to him into it. ;) 

best moment of the week: ryan was able to feel him! yay!! he's been moving around like crazy and it's heaven. 

looking forward to: tonight! i've had a busy week and have been gone most of the nights with work and i'm so excited to spend some time with my ryan. 

random thoughts:

-so i swear i've become better at sports since this baby boy has been inside me. hahah. but seriously! i beat ryan for the first time at pig the other day and i was close to beating my older brother! my aim with skeet shooting has gotten better too. i'm such a nut. 

-i've been kind of a crappy person this summer. my summer has been so jam packed with work and i've been so focused on putting what energy i have into it that i haven't had much energy left over for  family and friends. i feel so bad about it but i'm working on it. it's all about balance. 

-ryan has been so good to me throughout this pregnancy. he's been so helpful and thoughtful and makes me feel like i'm the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world even when i feel like i'm a lame-o. 

-with how crazy life has been lately feeling baby move all day every day is such a sweet comfort to me! 

-yay for being 6 months pregnant next week! 

happy weekend everybody!



  1. ahh so fun, LOve your posts!!! I am almost to 30 weeks, time sure goes by so fast

  2. Oh, it's so amazing to feel the baby move so much! And so special to have your husband feel it too! What's the name you love? (Or is it a secret?)

    Love you!

  3. PIG! haha I love you so much + love when you post. Balance is such a tricky thing, but you're always striving to be better, which makes it ok in my book! Love you friend. Pregnancy looks amazing on you. xx

  4. Sami! i just wanted to say you are just stunning! i am so thrilled for you two! you will be the cutest lil mama! so glad you are doing well xx

  5. Love that dress! You look great! Missing you!