21 weeks!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

how far along: 21 weeks! (and a few days) i'm a little late with this post

how big is baby: 7 inches and as big as a banana! 

weight gain: 5 pounds. 

sleep: i've been sleeping really good this past week. 

missing: being able to eat huge portions without getting sick. i've always been able to eat about as much as my husband at one sitting but i've had to learn to eat less and more frequently. (i'm realizing as a write this that this isn't a bad thing hahah) 

craving: oh my gosh i've had the biggest craving for homemade broccoli cheese soup the past couple weeks.  i finally made it on sunday and it was everything i imagined it would be. (even though all the butter in it made me super sick) but oh my yum!!!!!

feeling: i have a feeling this is the most wonderful part of pregnancy. i'm in heaven right now. he's been moving around a lot more and it's kind of the best thing ever. 

gender: boy. oh my sweet baby boy. i love him. 

best moment of the week: being with family all week long. i'm in mourning right now with fair week being over. 

looking forward to: ryan being able to feel the baby! he's so excited! 

random thoughts:

-i'm starting to gain weight every where pretty quick but today i woke up loving and appreciating my body so much. i've really never been more proud of it and i've never felt so beautiful.  

-my anxiety and paranoia is kind of through the roof recently. this has been a problem for me always but i'm hoping to start some therapy before baby comes because i think it could really help! 

-i'm grateful for every single day that baby is growing in my body and every single day that he is healthy. i tell ryan every week that i will be so grateful if we go over my due date.  i know i'll be  uncomfortable but i feel so blessed to not be on bed rest or anything like that and that there have been no signs of preterm labor or anything. 

-i know after i have the baby i will be so happy but i'm certain i will miss this baby in my belly safe and sound and with me always. i'm trying to enjoy every minute. this might be my only oppurtonity to be pregnant! 

-will baby inherit my bad taste in music? haha ryan hopes not. 

-i'm so excited to see what baby boys personality will be like. ryan and i could not be more opposite! haha. i just know we will be super lucky if he's anything like his dad. ryan is like the sweetest most content person i've ever met and his baby pictures melt me. 

-if i could i would never wear a shirt. (or pants for that matter) i feel the most comfortable when there is nothing touching my belly. 

-i'm kind of a brat guys. i wish i was more laid back about this but i hate when people tell me what to do and i really hate when i get advice i don't ask for. (unless it's my mom) i know this is my problem and i need to get over it but it totally rubs me the wrong way. just let people do their thing and what they are comfortable with. 

-i'm searching for a light pink maternity dress that has  those like super cute flutter sleeves and is pretty tight on the belly. if you see one anywhere please let me know! 

happy tuesday! 



  1. Yes you will definitely miss your baby being in your belly once he is born. I remember being sad for a while. Obviously it is SOOO great to actually hold them and snuggle their sweetness though. Glad I finally found this! :) Love you.

  2. This site has really cute dresses http://www.pinkblushmaternity.com/c-59-maternity-dresses.aspx
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  3. I hear ya about the advice. I can't tell you how many "you should eat that" or "you shouldn't have a pet" comments I get, I want to smack everyone....:)

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  5. Glad you are feeling so happy right now...such a crazy beautiful thing. Hope I haven't said anything stupid :/ Love you!