37 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, January 29, 2017

baby size: around 6 pounds! she feels a lot smaller than Riv did at this time.  

weight gain: 15 pounds  

sleep: so so bad. haha. i was so anxious about Photo Native and slept pretty horrible at the hotel too! 

missing: wearing jeans! and working out. 

craving: smoothies! grapefruit, oranges...blueberries! 

feeling: really good. just reallly really really tired. ha. 

gender: little sweet girl. 

best moment of the week: having the oppurtonity to speak at photo native and just soak in all the inspiration from everyone there. it was so great to speak about something i'm so passionate about.. i was able to stand on the stage with this baby girl in my belly.. and i was able to talk about how much tony influences my work.. i feel so grateful! 

looking forward to: brunch with my friends tomorrow! 

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