35 weeks with baby girl

Saturday, January 14, 2017

We are getting so close! I still have lots to do and lots of soaking up all the one on one time with my boy i can get! So 5 weeks feels just about right. :) 

baby size: 5.5 pounds! ahhhh! 

weight gain: 15 pounds  

sleep: so bad still! haha! but yay for River sleeping well!!!  I'm up at 12...1, and 2... and then most nights I'm wide awake from 3-5. And I'm pretty sure I drink about a gallon of water every night... I wake up dying of thirst hahah! It's the weirdest. 

missing: working out and being able to move and play with river like i want to! i had to watch the boys sled today which is so hard! but i'll be back at it in no time... :)

craving: ice water, smoothies! smoothies! sushi, orange juice. always. 

feeling: my back is SO MUCH BETTER! thanks to my amazing chiro and lots of stretching and massages and listening to all my girls advice on how to deal with this sciatic pain. i'm still slow moving and in a good amount of pain but it's a lot better. my legs will give out randomly and i'll screech in pain from time to time... it used to scare ryan and riv but we are all just kind of getting used to it! haha. 

gender: girl.... i still can't wrap my head around it. haha. 

best moment of the week: seeing her big cheeks at our ultrasound. i'm measuring small (i measured small around this time with Riv too) so we were able to see her! she looks like ryan to me! yay! she's growing nice and good. she is breech right now so we are hoping that changes sooner than later. :) 

looking forward to: seeing my parents tomorrow. 

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