34 weeks with baby girl!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

baby size: around 5 pounds! waaaa!  

weight gain: 15 pounds! 

sleep: it's pretty bad! super restless and uncomfortable with this back pain! poor ryan.. i'm sure i'm horrible to share a bed with. 

missing: being able to move well! (sounds dramatic i know hahah) i'm still walking a ton because i go crazy if i'm not active. it makes my back a little worse but it's worth it. 

craving: ice water, smoothies! smoothies! sushi, orange juice. the usual! 

feeling: i can't believe how similar this pregnancy is from my last! with riv this was when my back went out and i started to be in so much pain. i just suffered through it last time but this time i'm trying everything to help! it's good though because i've been terrified (but grateful) to have this little girl and now i'm definitely more ready. 

gender: girl. i love her. i can't wait to see ryan with her. 

best moment of the week: some good family news yesterday. i haven't stopped crying and feeling so grateful. 

looking forward to: this weekend! last free weekend for a while! 

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