19 weeks with baby GIRL!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's a girl! We had a hunch. I just feel so happy.  The first time I saw her at 9 weeks and each time I heard her heart beat, I thought girl! But it wasn't as strong as my hunch with River so I wasn't 100% sure. :) It took about 50 minutes for River to show us the goods so I was expecting the same with this sweetie. Well right when she came up on the monitor her legs were spread out with her cute little butt on the screen and the first thing the ultra sound tech said was, "Do you want to know the gender? It's a girl" I ugly cried. I was attached to HER before we knew for sure if she was a girl. I felt connected to her and so did Ryan and I was so nervous going to the appointment, not that I wouldn't have been over the moon if it was a boy, but I had a bond with my girl and it felt so right! We are so grateful. I think this is definitely one of the craziest months of our lives thus far. So many beautiful and good things, and so many extremely heartbreaking mountains to climb. Our new house is slowly getting there! I am so happy to be here. It's so beautiful and I feel so lucky to raise my family in this beautiful home. It was hard to say goodbye our town home on Sunday. Our first home. The community there helped me through the hardest time in my life and helped me enjoy the most beautiful parts of it as well. Yorkshire will always have the most beautiful place in my heart. My family is all at Tony's trial right now. It's horrible. And painful. And I dread when it's all over the news again and all the jerks out there get to gossip and have their insensitive opinion about it all and then go on with their day... Why we are left without Tony. And so much trauma to continue to work through. I want to punch so many people right now. . Can you tell I'm a little angry? A lot angry? And sad. But with all the jerks out there my family has once again been so blessed by so many of the wonderful people of SV. So many wonderful people have stuck by us and supported us. I love our little valley. Back to baby girl! I think we have a name. We had a name that we loved but as soon as we saw her face it didn't fit! Names are so fun. Here's the sweet video had made by the talented Shey Allen. We are so tired in it and happy, and really stressed.. but so happy. I'm so glad we have this video to remind us of everything hard and beautiful right now. Love you guys!


Baby Shurtleff | Gender Reveal from Shey Allen Films on Vimeo.

how big is baby: tomato! 

weight gain: 2 pounds 

sleep: is ok! river is sleeping better. woo! 

missing: not much right now.. well i guess running! i mowed our forest of a lawn with river in our hiking pack and it was the biggest workout of my life hahah! so it's nice to be able to stay really active still but running hurts too bad this time around. 

craving: EVERYTHING!

feeling: see above

gender: girl and i kind of want to announce her name now hahah! but we will wait! 

best moment of the week:  see her beautiful face. she looks like riv with her hansen nose and mouth. PRAYING she has ryan's eyes and hair. like you can imagine?

looking forward to: going to SV tomorrow to be with my family. 

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