18 weeks with baby #2

Monday, September 19, 2016

We closed on our new house last week. My mom came Friday and helped with paint prep and my in-laws came Saturday and worked their butts off getting some rooms painted. I'm getting really exciting now that I've see the house more and watching Riv and Kase play in the backyard together makes me SO HAPPY! Having a month to process leaving Yorkshire helped. I'm sentimental sure, and I have a really hard time saying goodbye.. I'm going to miss our neighbors. But the fact that our Yorkshire home was the last place I hugged Tony has been the hardest part of all this. I watched him fold his pizza in half like a weirdo and listened to him laugh while he sat at my kitchen table. It's hard to move on and live somewhere he will never see and I have no memories of him in. It terrifies me that I haven't heard his voice in 21 months. And as I start to look older and move on and live and experience new things. He won't be. He should be here. I know I sound ungrateful to be moving into this beautiful home, but I'm not. I'm very grateful! I can't wait to raise my children here and make so many beautiful memories. I hope to create a home everyone feels welcome in. A home friends, family, and my children can be and feel comfort and peace. I'm so happy to have more room for that! Mikey is already breaking in the basement and filling our house with the smell of hot pockets. Haha. And that makes me really happy. 

how big is baby: 5.5 in and 5 oz :)

weight gain: i'm back to pre-pregnancy weight because of all the stress of moving and everything going on this month with my family. 

sleep: river has a good 3 week stretch where he was up for HOURS during the night screaming and then up for the day at 5:30 or 6. me and ryan were dying haha. but these past 4 nights he's done so much better! i fell asleep around 9 last night and slept until 7:30! haha! 

missing: the usual. working out hard!

craving: soup. and smoothies. :) my mom's cooking always sounds good too. 

feeling: when i get really stressed while I'm pregnant i can't keep anything down. so i haven't been feeling awesome these past couple weeks! but i feel better than i deserve. 

gender: we are both thinking girl. WE FIND OUT THURSDAY!

best moment of the week:  signing the papers for our house. me and ryan have worked so hard to get to this point. so exciting! 

looking forward to: THURSDAY!

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