16 weeks with baby number 2

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We spent the weekend in Laramie for Sagan's wedding. It was just perfect. Watching my best friend walk down the isle looking like an angel and seeing her so happy... It was the best thing. I loved having so much time with Ryan too. We needed a break from real life. Don't we all... haha. But it was so nice. But day 3 I missed River too much. I'm never leaving him again.  Thanks to Nana and Pop Pop for watching our boys! Here we go!

how big is baby: avocado! I'm at the stage of pregnancy where my bump grows and then disappears... It all kind of depends on what I eat!  

weight gain: 2 pounds.

sleep: I had the hardest time sleeping all weekend which is silly! because I didn't have a child keeping me up! but my separation anxiety is real... 

missing: running.. I was able to run my whole pregnancy with Riv! But it's pretty painful this time around. I can still do the stair stepper and bike and stuff. But I miss running! 

craving: EVERYTHING. I can't stop eating. 

feeling: I feel great!  

gender: we are both thinking girl! 

best moment of the week:  seeing my sagan in her beautiful gown. it was magic. 

looking forward to: closing on our new house next week!

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