37 weeks

Sunday, November 30, 2014

how far along: 37 weeks! full term!

how big is baby: around 6.5 pounds! 

weight gain: 14 pounds. 

sleep: my dreams are starting to get super weird. i had a dream the other day that my mom came in the night while i was sleeping and broke my water. haha! 

craving: pumpkin pie. so glad i got my fix this week. 

feeling: feeling pretty good considering i'm 9 + months pregnant. haha. i'm in pain a lot of the time and my acid reflux and nausea are pretty intense sometimes but it's super manageable. 

gender: boy! boy clothes are so cute. i've been having way too much fun putting little outfit ideas together.

best moment of the week: this week was so wonderful! i had an appt on wed and i went from 30% to 90% effaced in just a few days so that was such great news. thanksgiving with my family was so great. we laughed our butts off pretty much the whole weekend. jodie was a sweetie and threw me my last baby shower on friday for our family in town and i got lots of good stuff! it was just a really good week. 

missing: it'll be nice to bend over and put my shoes on easily again. haha. 

looking forward to: just everything. haha.  i'm in this like super happy state where i'm savoring every moment of pregnancy but also wondering every day if this is the day that i get to meet our son. it's just so magical! 

random thoughts:

-my doctor was pretty shocked with the progress my body made this week. she seems to think he will arrive any day now. i'm thinking we still have a bit but what do i know!? 

-i'm going to sound like a brat (because i kind of am ha) but i love proving people wrong. for allred thanksgiving we have a tradition playing sports with all my cousins after dinner and it's one of my favorite traditions ever.  i had someone tell me a few months ago that i wouldn't be able to participate in any of the games because i'd be too pregnant. it bugged me because a)i look forward to do this day all year and b) i hate when anyone tells me i can't do something. hahah. but i played basketball and dodgeball the whole day with everyone and it was awesome. i kind of stressed ryan out during it all and felt like i got hit by a bus when we got home but it was so worth it. hahaha 

-so i figured out a way to explain to ryan how my braxton hicks contractions feel. it feels like someone poured a thin layer of concrete on around my stomach! my stomach gets so rock hard! it's crazy. 

-i can't even believe my due date is 2 weeks and 5 days away. holy crap.  

-i have such a desire to walk and walk and walk. my body just wants to always be moving. i feel the best when i'm up and walking around. good thing i have a pup that loves walks too! 

-the nesting feeling is so intense right now. 

-only a couple more of these updates left! eek! 

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