35 weeks!

Friday, November 14, 2014

how far along: 35 weeks! holy crap! 

how big is baby: 20 inches long and over 5 pounds! 

weight gain: 12 pounds still. 

sleep: i wake up about 5 and then can't get back to sleep. my body is just getting ready for the nights up with the baby i guess! 

craving: my appetite is non-existent right now.  every time i eat i get sick so i'm really having to force feed myself! haha! 

feeling: really good! i'm starting to feel more tired and uncomfortable but it's super manageable. i can't believe i only have 5 weeks left of being pregnant! oh i know i'm going to miss it. 

gender: he's the sweetest boy. i feel like every day he drops lower and lower.. haha. which makes me think even more that he'll come before his due date. 

best moment of the week:  maternity pics + the first snow yesterday! 

missing: working out. oh i miss it! 

looking forward to: my appointment a week from today. i will get an "exam" and an ultra sound! oh i can't wait to see him! 

random thoughts:

-ryan woke me up yesterday morning and said, "sami guess what? it snowed!" he opened the window for me and i squealed like a 5 year old. 

-i'm soaking up every day of this pregnancy because holy crap! i only have a few more weeks left! 

-i'm still dying over all the cute stuff i got at my shower last week. my friends have the best taste! 

-bernie is snoring so loud right now and it's the cutest 


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  1. 12 pounds, that is great and you look amazing!! I hope you get your appetite back and feel better :) just found your blog and can't wait to read more!

    xoxo, kiely