36 weeks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

how far along: 36 weeks! 

how big is baby: according to our ultra sound he is 6 pounds! 

weight gain: still at 12 pounds. (which seems low i know but my doctor FINALLY stopped bugging me about gaining weight after she saw for the 2nd time on the ultra sound that baby is big and healthy. so i'm good. he's healthy. i'm healthy.) 

sleep: pretty good! thank you body pillow. 

craving: drinks! haha! i've been mixing orange juice and milk together and it's heavenly. baha! a lazy orange julius. 

feeling: good! i am experiencing a lot of pelvic pain, leg cramps and back pain but i'm kind of just getting used to it. haha! i'm just so in awe and amazed with my body right now. i'll love it forever for growing this boy for me. 

gender: i can not wait to kiss his lips! 

best moment of the week: hearing i'm dilated at my appointment and our ultra sound! we got to see his profile and he has the biggest poutiest lips! oh my gosh! i started crying right when i saw them. he's already melting me. 

missing: being able to move and lift anything heavy! ryan is a sweetie that doesn't let me lift anything! haha! i was lifting the pot of soup to pour into tupperware last night and he's like, "wait let me do that!!" hahah 

looking forward to: thanksgiving in wyoming!!!!!!!!!! stay in this week baby! 

random thoughts:

-so many people assume i'm miserable and impatient and like dying to be done because i'm only a few weeks away. i'm good! i know he'll come when he's supposed to! 

-i feel really beautiful and so proud of my body. so grateful to be a woman and to be able to experience being pregnant! 

-my belly popped SO MUCH this week. so fun!

-i've been able to keep a pretty positive attitude about everything but  a couple nights i went into panic mode.  the OMG "can i freakin do this?!" panic. i'm feeling better now. :) and i'm totally allowed a freak out now and then. ;) 

-i think we are finally sent on ONE name!!! but we will still have to see how we feel when we meet him. 

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