25 weeks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

how far along: 25 weeks! 

how big is baby: 9 inches long and 1.7 pounds! getting bigger! my belly grew a ton this week. 

weight gain: 7 pounds. 

sleep: sleep was pretty bad this week! but then you wonderful people suggested unisom and i tried it last night and slept for 9 hours! (thanks ally and cass)

missing: nothing really. i kind of hate this question. 

craving: indian food. tandoori oven i love you. 

feeling: i've started to have a lot of round ligament pain. (especially after hiking mt naomi on monday, and then back to back weddings tues/wed) i've been taking it easy these past couple days and i'm feeling a lot better. i just have a hard time slowing down but i know i need to sometimes!  

gender: boy. i fall more and more in love with each week. those little kicks! i can't get over it. 

best moment of the week: ryan being the sweetest husband in history. i came home from my weddings late wednesday night and he had deep cleaned the entire house and then massaged me until i fell asleep. he's so wonderful. 

looking forward to: soaking up the sunshine in vegas this weekend!  

random thoughts:

-i had a couple strangers ask me how far along i was this week! yay for finally looking PREGNANT! 

-i'm so grateful for a husband that thinks pregnancy is beautiful.

-i hope baby boy is exactly like his dad. the world could use another ryan don't ya think?

-i only have 4 more weddings to shoot until i'm on maternity leave! holy crap. 

-i'm starting to get a little more nervous for this whole labor thing i'm doing in a few months... it's starting to feel more real! 

-look how cute this picture is of ryan and his older brother jason! oh my gosh! 

have a great weekend!

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