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Friday, February 20, 2015

-Well bud you had your first ER visit last week! You caught RSV (from me or your Dad) at just 8 weeks old and were having trouble breathing so we rushed you in. It was a hard week. You were so sick! But you got through it! You're such a tough little guy. You got better just in time for Prez Day weekend with the family. One of my favorite weekends of the year. After we all left each other after Tony's funeral in December we would call each other crying on our hard days saying, "At least President Day weekend is coming up!"

-It was a good weekend home in Wyoming. It was different. There was a big fat void with Tony not there. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. It was so good to be with family.

-You rode a snowmobile for the first time and you did great. It was Uncle Tony's sled so I hope he was watching!

-We had our first annual Hansen Family Talent Show! You danced with me to "Cry me a River" by JT. It was awesome.

-All of your cousins love you but boy do JJ and Kai love you. They followed us around all weekend asking to hold you. JJ said she wanted to fly to Logan and babysit you for a few days. She's only 9 but I'd probably let her. ;) 

-We had a few family pictures taking the day before everyone left and it was really hard. It just sucks having Tony gone ya know? It just freaking sucks. I'm crying in all of these pictures so this is the best one I could find hahah. When I'm sad I cry. You will learn as you grow older I wear my heart on my sleeve. 

-It was hard leaving everyone and coming back to real life but Nana had all of our home videos from when we were little made into dvds. She gave them to us all and I've been watching them all week long. It's kind of my new favorite thing to do. 

 -You had your first shots a few days ago and you were kind of a little stud muffin for them. You cried for like 2 seconds and then slept all day. 

-This week had some good days and a couple bad days. I've made a couple mistakes this week. I was mean and ugly to someone. I was trying to stand up for myself but it ended badly. Why do I do and say stupid things?? I was talking to Papa about it and he said, "well I guess you're human."  

-Your Nana turned 54 this week. You love her so much already and you are so dang lucky to have her as a grandma. She's kind of a super hero Riv. 

-No matter what mood you're in we can ALWAYS get a smile from you. I tell Ryan all the time that your smile reminds me of sunshine. It brightens everything. You just shine River boy. 

-My second favorite thing you do is stretch your arms above your head and yawn when you wake up. It's something you would see on a cartoon ya know? I need to take a picture next time.. 

-Ryan and I are planning a few hikes for this summer and we are ordering a little back pack thing for you to ride in. With a name like River we are hoping you like the outdoors as much as us! If you're a chess playing indoorsmen we might need to change your name. ;)

-We love you River. I hope you feel it. 

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