25 weeks with baby girl

Sunday, November 6, 2016

25 weeks! I made the boys do a tiny photo shoot with me this morning because look at them. I love them so much and River's crooked smile is probably the best thing in the world. My favorite ever.  I'm staring to FEEL big. I'm on the tail end of the "did you eat a cheeseburger or are you pregnant?" stage.. So I don't necessarily look as big as I feel. She's popping out so much more though and I'm gaining weight pretty swiftly. I'm starting to get a lot more back pain but it's pretty manageable after a nice back rub from Ryan. ;)  River is sleeping at night again. So me and Ryan feel like we can function a little better. And River is happier too. And he is SO MUCH FUN. Talking so much. "More cookie please!" "Move please mom." "Bug, where ya go?" "Thank you mommy daddy." "I wuv you" "Bernie lay DOWN!" We love him so much. 

Love and peace! xo

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