39 weeks!

Friday, December 12, 2014


I have to show off these pics I got taken of my 39 week belly! I love them so much! I wanted pictures when my belly was at it's largest! My sweet and talented friend Britt of Cascio Photography took these and I love them so much. She's such a dear friend and I'm so glad she was able to take these a few days (hopefully) before baby comes. And of course my love Tia of Celise Artistry killed it with my hair and make-up. I seriously wish she could get me ready everyday. I'm lucky to have such talented friends! 

how far along: 39 weeks! 

how big is baby: he's around 7 pounds!  

weight gain: 12 pounds.  

sleep: i wake up about 4 times a night and sometimes i'm awake from 4 to 6:30. pregnancy totally prepares your body for being up with baby i swear. haha! 

craving: drinks! drinks! drinks! and even though i've never had alcohol in my life i craved a martini the other day! hahah. 

feeling: it's a little more difficult for me to stay positive this week but i'm fighting through! haha.  i've been contracting all week and so i've obviously been in some pain. but man, how lucky are we to have made it to 39 weeks? so many woman would love to make it to 39 weeks. i keep telling myself that! i think that hard thing for me this week has been not working. i miss my job so much and it's only been like 5 days! hahaha. and don't worry, i've keep myself busy with other stuff. i just love my job! 

gender: boy that still feels like a dream.  it won't seem real until he's in my arms! i'm so in love with his name. (so glad Ryan finally caved) i can't wait to make it official! 

best moment of the week: pictures with britt! so fun! 

missing: working out + eating whatever i want.  haha!

looking forward to: duh.  

random thoughts:

-i'm getting a prenatal massage today and it's going to be heaven. 

-me and my mom have been predicting Dec 15th for his debut. that's her dads birthday (and we are using his name as a middle name for babe) so it would be really cool! who knows.. 

-currently praying for SNOW! come on mother nature! 

-bernie and i are going on a big hike today. we will see if it sparks anything!

-i'm just wondering if next week will be a baby pic or a 40 week pic... 


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